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Pavers & Patios

Pavers and patios are beautiful and functional extensions of your home. When pavers and patios are expertly installed and maintained, they can add years and years of enjoyment and cosmetic appeal! We all know, that if your house has an eye-popping patio, everyone is going to want to hang around there, and take it all in! With a vast array of options from numerous different manufacturers, you can choose to go with something that 3 Brothers thinks up for you, or you can let your imagination take over, and tell us what you want your dream patio, pavers, walkways, retaining wall, etc., to look like...

There really isn't a standard patio or paver installation. Sure, there is the most basic materials and the most standard look, but you really can dive deep into this project, and make it as if YOU are the one designing it all - which you are, just using our expert craftsmen to help you along the way!


  • Picture of a patio

    We also would like to chill out in this backyard!

  • Rounded backyard patio

    A relaxing kind of patio...

  • Natural stone patio

    A very elegant natural stone patio.

  • Picture of a very nice patio

    Simple, yet eye-popping...

  • A paver walkway

    A basic paver walkway.

  • A retaining wall

    A retaining wall built to enhance the backyard landscaping.

  • Paver steps

    Really nice and effective pavers used for a walkway and steps leading up to the front door.


Picture of a patio

Patios are AWESOME! We absolutely love doing patio projects. Custom patios really have that "wow" factor, for both us, and for you! There is not any one patio that is the same, and that is one reason why we love these types of projects show much. Creativity and customization are brought to the forefront, and the work is just that much better, since we can't wait to see the finished product, just as much (if not more) than you do!! Our passion and skill allows us to safely say that we are indeed, the very best at this stuff...


Picture of a walkway

With a really nice walkway, you could get lost just walking on it, following the lines, patterns, stones, etc. Sidewalks and walkways are pretty standard, whether on the street, or leading up to a house. So why not make yours stand out, with some nice paver stones, professionally picked out and installed by our family.

Retaining Walls

Picture of a retaining wall

Retaining walls, on top of being eye-friendly, may also be practical if you have a sloped yard. Retaining walls were originally designed to resist the lateral pressure of soil, keeping your yard for turning into a swamp after a rain storm hits, and the mud starts to slide down. No one wants that. Since retaining walls became necessary in certain areas / homes, then why not make them something that adds value and appeal? Good question - that's why we install them, when requested.


Picture of paver steps

Much like walkways, a nice set of steps can make all the difference in the world. Getting away from the bland and mundane concrete steps that come standard with some homes, take it a step further, and look at some amazing paver stone designs, and pick the steps that best suit your style, and your home's outer style.


Picture of landscaping work

Landscaping is a long and tedious topic, for the most part. It essentially entails all the work done in your yard. Landscaping can be grueling work, which is why most landscapers like to take shortcuts and have more of a "let's get done and get out" attitude, instead of something like we pride ourselves on - a kind of "let's get rockin' and make their jaws drop" attitude. The choice is yours, friends...


Picture of hardscaping work

Hardscaping entails all the pretty outside stuff like patios, pavers, walkways, pool walkways, retaining walls, etc. Having a nice garden with ample river rock, or natural stone, or granite, or whatever you've always wanted, is only a simple phone call or click away...